Contact Us

We're a very friendly crew, but we are also a small staff, so when we're in the middle of an editing project, we sometimes take a bit of time to get back to you.

Telephone: We dedicate the same focus and attention to your manuscript that we're currently giving to another author -- which means we shut off our phones to work. We take voicemails, of course, and set aside Friday mornings to return calls. If you'd prefer a quick phone call instead of an email, leave us a voice message at (269) 430-3401.

Email: Because we're a publishing house, and not a fire station, we have a strict policy of returning phone calls and emails on Friday mornings. On the plus side, unlike many publishers, we actually do respond. Email us at, and you'll hear from us next Friday!

Snail Mail: We dream of a world where all the paper is reserved for books full of artwork and precious words. (OK, books -- and also, toilet paper.) So, sorry: As a matter of ethics, we can't accept that 2000-page manuscript you so carefully printed out.

But if you wish to send us a thumb drive or an SD card with your magnum opus, we'll accept small padded envelopes containing your electronic media. (Inexpensive padded envelopes are available in bulk at the dollar store.) Our mailing address is:

Aristotle Press
Attn: Acquisitions Editor
6439 139th Ave NE
Suite 31
Redmond, WA 98052